Brunch bagels with Sausage, Egg and Bacon

Sausage, Egg and Bacon Mini Breakfast Bagels

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  • I know I’ve said this, like a THOUSAND times, but brunch is my favorite meal. It includes breakfast. And lunch. And who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner? So basically I love all three meals. Equally. But most of all brunch.

    roasted okra Cookin' Cowgirl

    Roasted Okra

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  • This recipe is eeeeaasy. Like, you can’t mess it up.   Remember my oven-fried okra recipe? Well, that one’s pretty healthy, but this one’s even better for you! Just a little oil, sea salt and seasoning, mix it up and

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    Warm Quinoa and Kale Salad with Pine Nuts and Avocado

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  • I like big salads and I cannot lie. Don’t give this girl a wimpy little salad. Unless it’s a side salad. And it better be on the side of my fries. Which should be on the side of my burger.

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    Cookin’ Cowgirl – The Next Chapter

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  • Howdy! And welcome to the brand spankin’ new Cookin’ Cowgirl site! I am so excited to have y’all here! This is a big leap for this little cowgirl! I honestly don’t know much about hosting sites, HTML, plugins, etc. {Shhhhh,


    Jack and Jerky Bouquet

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  • I’m so excited to be able to share fun DIY project with you. If you’ve ever tried to make a little bouquet using liquor bottles, it can be challenging. Once the bottles are taped or glued to the sticks, they become