Chocolate Dippy Spoons

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    These fun little spoons are so fun to make and they jazz up a cup of coffee or hot cocoa! There are SO many ways these can be decorated and packaged. I came up with the name for these little guys based off an inside joke that I have with my sister. We have this little saying- “Dippy Please,” and as I was filling the spoons with chocolate, I thought, “Ooooo, I have a good name for these!”
    I’m excited to try these for more occasions and with more decorations, but for now, here are my Christmas ones.

    Chocolate Dippy Spoons
    Chocolate and white chocolate dippy spoons with mint chocolate drizzle.
    I love these ones! These are my Christmas Trees and my Tangle of Lights.

    You will need
    Chocolate melting discs
    White chocolate melting discs
    Mint chocolate *
    Assorted sprinkles
    Lollipop plastic bags
    Ribbon or twisty ties
    Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Line up your spoons on the pan so that they are ready to go once your chocolate is melted. In a microwave or double broiler, melt about a cup of your chocolate discs. (I used a microwave. Place the discs in a microwave safe bowl, and heat on medium for about 30 seconds. Stir and heat again, in 20 second incriments, until the chocolate is melted. Do not burn the chocolate!)
    Begin filling the spoons with the melted chocolate, taking care not to over them. To do this, I took a metal spoon and scooped up some chocolate and poured it in each of the plastic spoons.
    Once the spoons are filled, use sprinkles to decorate, then place the pan in the fridge until the chocolate is hardened. If you are going to use other melted chocolate to drizzle over the top, let the spoons harden first and then come back with the second chocolate. 
    Continue melting the chocolate and filling the spoons until done. I did it in two batches-the chocolate and then the white chocolate. 
    *For the mint chocolate, there are two ways you could do this. One, I saw some green mint chocolate chips (cute) at the store. Those would be perfect for melting down and drizzling over the top. Two, I bought white mint chocolate discs because they were 1/2 the cost and once I melted  it, I added 3 drops of green food coloring to give it a light green tint. Either method is fine! Once it was melted, I poured it in a small zip-lock bag and cut off the corner to drizzle on the spoons.
    Once all the spoons are hardened, wrap them up in little baggies and tie them with ribbon or twisty ties. 
    Here is my pile of Chocolate Dippy Spoons.
    I saw this bucket at Michale’s craft store and thought it would be perfect to carry the spoons in. I’m taking them to my parents house today for Christmas!
    These make a great gift for anyone! If adding one of these to hot cocoa is a bit too chocolaty, stirring it into a glass of warm milk might be just the trick. There are SO many cute ways you could do these and it would be a fun Christmas craft. Hope you enjoy!