Santa Hat Party Mix!

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    This one of a kind party mix is sure to be remembered! I was looking for something fun to make with my siblings this Christmas and came across this idea on another cooking blog. Of course I had to alter it to fit my families smacking needs, and that it did! With the salty-sweet combination, this is sure to be a crowd pleaser! There are SO many fun things you could do with this basic recipe. Give it a try! (I think this will have to be a new Christmas tradition for my family!) Yum!

    Santa Hat Party Mix

    Seriously, how cute are these little hats?
    This was adapted from Cookies and Cups
    For the Santa Hats:
    Red melting discs
    Mini marshmallows
    White sprinkles (nonpareils)
    Melt the red discs in a double broiler (or microwave). Dip the bugles in the candy and set to dry on a parchment paper covered baking sheet. Pour the nonpareils in a bowl. When the candy coating is set, place a mini marshmallow on the tip. Dip the bottom of the “hat” back in the melted candy, then dip in the sprinkles. :)
    For the Sweet and Salty Mix:
    1 C rice chex
    1 C corn chex
    3 C mini pretzels
    1 C salted dry roasted peanuts
    1 to 2 C red and green dark chocolate m&m’s
    White chocolate for melting (or white candy discs)
    Pour all of your ingredients except the m&m’s on a large baking sheet covered in parchment paper. Melt the chocolate and drizzle over the mix. Stir mix and coat with chocolate. After it is dry, add the m&m’s. Yum!
    Add the Santa Hats to the mix and pour into serving bowl.
    I did not get to “gift” any of this mix as it was all gone before I got the chance, but you better believe I would LOVE getting this snack as a gift! 
    This wraps up my 2010 blogging, and while I am sad that the holidays are over, I am really excited about the new year and all the yummy things I am going to create! So stick around, and have a very Happy New Years!  XOXO
        Cookin’ Cowgirl

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