Spices for Gifts

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  • We went to Kansas to see Chris’ family for Thanksgiving and since we drove, we decided to bring everyone’s Christmas presents with us. I made these little spice jars for the girls as part of their presents but could not post this until I got back because I didn’t want them to see it! :)

    This is such an easy thing to do and it’s fun! There are so many different spice mixtures that you could do. I chose to do my favorite one – Pumpkin Pie Spice. Just click on the link for my recipe.

    Here are the supplies you will need:

    Spice Mix
    Empty spice jars
    Tags (Preferably homemade)
    Hole punch for tags 
    Large bowl
    Sifter and Funnel
    Gift bags (optional)
    I got my jars at Penzeys Spices but there are probably a lot of places with empty spice jars. Make sure you get jars with the little slots in the lid so the spices can easily be sprinkled out!! 
    Add all of your spices together in a large bowl and sift together with sifter so that everything gets mixed well. 
    Put a funnel in the jars and pour the spice mix through the funnel so you don’t make a mess.
    Put the lids on the spice jars. Punch a hole in a corner of the tags and secure them on the jars with ribbon. 
    Get creative! I think I’ll try an Italian blend of spices next. Sure, there are plenty of spice mixes already made out there, but how fun is this idea? These would also be great to put in stockings for little gifts, or in a homemade gift basket. Make sure to tell the recipients of this gift all the cool ways they can use your spices. For example, this pumpkin pie spice can be put in warm tea of coffee or even hot chocolate. It can be added to baking mixes or even pancake batter. It can also be sprinkled into savory dishes like sweet potato fries or squash risotto. 
    This really is a great little gift and anything homemade is always greatly appreciated! Have fun!