The Cowgirl Cocktail

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    I’ve done it. I have created the signature Cookin’ Cowgirl drink. I combined my two favorite drinks into one amazing cocktail.

    The Cowgirl Cocktail

    The classic mojito has always been my favorite drink. Well, that and one other.

    My older sister, Jenny, lives in Dallas and one of my favorite things to do with her there is going to Taco Diner and getting their famous Mambo Taxi! It’s a frozen margarita with a sangria swirl.

    But I’m a simple girl, and sometimes I don’t have time to make sangria, so my replacement is Chambord. Chambord is a black raspberry liqueur, made from black and red raspberries, Madagascar vanilla, citrus peel, honey and cognac (thank you, Wikipedia) and swirled into this drink it is fantastic!

    Just a side note, if you have a favorite mojito recipe, feel free to use it, or use my “skinny” version, with sweetener instead of sugar/syrup.

    The Cowgirl Cocktail
         makes 1 drink
    6 mint leaves
    2 huge lime wedges
    1 packet sweetener
    1 1/2 oz clear rum
    1/2 oz Chambord
    1 C club soda
    Pink sanding sugar sprinkles or pomegranate rimmer

    Dip rim of glass in water and rim with sugar sprinkles. Put mint leaves, sweetener and lime juice in glass and muddle until mint leaves are slightly broken up. Pour in rum and Chambord and stir. Fill glass with ice and top with club soda. Garnish with lime wedge.

    I may have gotten a little carried away with the sprinkles!

    If you are making a big pitcher of these I reccomend starting with 6X the recipe, then adding more if you need to. For 6 Cowgirl Cocktails, use these amounts in a large pitcher:

    36 mint leaves
    Juice from 2 whole limes
    6 packets of sweetener
    9oz clear rum
    3 oz Chambord
    6 C club soda
    Pink sanding sugar sprinkles

    These drinks are so much fun and are such a pretty color. Serve them at at shower or adult birthday party. And how perfect would this drink be for a BACHELORETTE party?! It’s so fun and pink!

    I guess you could call this a Chambord Mojito, but doesn’t Cowgirl Cocktail have a nice ring to it? Ok, so who’s coming over this weekend? 😉

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    • Curt

      Well, that’s definitely a Cowgirl drink. But what’s in a color, right?

      It sounds absolutely delicious and strong enough to get the job done!

    • Cookin’ Cowgirl

      Hahaha that’s true! Hey, if you pour it into a mason jar and left off the pink sprinkles….cowboys would love it too!