Grilled Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwich

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  • Everyone has had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You can personalize it any you want; crunchy peanut butter, creamy peanut butter, almond butter, grape jelly, strawberry jelly, sugar free jelly, you name it! But there is one peanut butter sandwich that really reminds me of my dad.

    Peanut butter and honey sandwich.
    Sometimes he would just have one of these as a snack, on the weekend or something. It’s funny how something as simple as food can strike up a memory. The other day, the craving for a peanut butter and honey sandwich hit me like a ton of bricks! Sometimes I’ll have a craving for a particular food and then I’ll forget about it or it will eventually go away. Not this time. I needed a PB & H sandwich…..bad.
    By the way, I have a question. Why is it that when you want a sandwich (which in my case is never) there is never any bread in the house? AND when you’re starving and the LAST thing in the world you want to eat is a sandwich, the only thing in the pantry is bread!? Am I the only one?
    So anyways, since I couldn’t overcome my craving, I went to the store and bought bread just for this sandwich! Yeah, it’s that special. I decided to “grill” this one in a skillet. Think grilled cheese, only sweet. Without the cheese. Yeah.
    Grilled Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwich


    This is so simple and there are only a few ingredients, so make sure you use good stuff!! Like good quality, healthy bread….

    ……natural peanut butter and pure honey…..

    ….and if you do, you can’t go wrong.

    Grilled Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwich
          makes 1 sandwich
    2 slices whole wheat or whole grain bread
    1-2 T natural, creamy peanut butter
    2 tsp pure honey
    1 tsp light butter (optional)
    Now pay attention, this is very hard! :) Spread peanut butter on one side of the first piece of bread. Squeeze honey on one side of the other piece of bread.

    Fold together and butter both sides (optional).

    On medium heat, cook sandwich in skillet or on griddle for a few minutes on each side….

     ….. or until golden brown.

    Cut in half, diagonally. It tastes better that way.
    It’s science.

    Eat and say “Mmmmm,” after every bite. And think about me! Or someone else that you love. :)

    Have you ever had a honey sandwich?

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    • Jennifer

      Mmmm…I love peanut butter and honey sandwiches! Grilling them sounds great! I’ll have to try it.

    • Anonymous

      Oh man! Now you’ve got me craving a peanut butter and honey sandwich! I have never grilled them before but now I must try it!!!! :)

    • Stacy Makes Cents

      These are AWESOME!!! I reposted on my Facebook page to share the melty peanut butter love. Yum!

    • ThisThatTheOtherAndAnother

      Mmmmm! I love pb and honey sandwiches! I totally have to try it grilled! Thx!

    • HoneyLove

      I’ve never thought I’d find others who would prefer PBH instead if PBJ! I was just laying in bed with my husband and we were talking about me wanting a PB&H, I just wanted to see if I could grill it and yours looks good with a nice tall glass if 2% milk!!!