Super Foods Salad

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  • This salad is so simple and so delicious! It is my copy-cat version of my favorite salad at my favorite lunch spot in downtown Birmingham. Urban Standard is a quaint little café and coffee shop, and it’s where I fell in love with goat cheese. I first learned about it in the American Way magazine on an airplane one time. I was swooning over a picture of strawberry cupcakes and when I figured out that those cupcakes were sold WHERE I LIVE, I almost freaked out. But then I remembered they frown upon that on airplanes… I just sat there with my mouth opened. Maybe a little drool came out, maybe it didn’t.


    I had to try it! I got a cupcake, of course, but what I really loved was their super foods salad. I still have not branched out enough with the rest of the menu, and since the restaurant is kind of far away from my work, I do not eat there as much as I would like. But I always come back to this salad. I have made it several times and I never get sick of it. Just try it. You’ll love it!

    Super Foods Salad
    I know it looks strange, with everything in its little place on the side of the plate and all, but that’s how it comes, and it makes me happy. 
    I never measure how much fruit, cheese or nuts I put on top of the greens, but I will guess below on the “recipe.” Also, they use a citrus vinaigrette, but when I make it I use the Strawberry Balsamic of Maple Groves Farms of Vermont. I think a champagne vinaigrette would also be nice.
    Super Foods Salad
         serves 1
    2 C greens*
    1/3-1/2 C sliced strawberries
    1/3-1/2 C blueberries
    2 T walnuts
    2 T goat cheese
    2 T strawberry balsamic dressing
    Top greens with fruit, cheese and nuts. Dress salad with balsamic. 
    At Urban Standard, you can add chicken to it (yum), or chicken salad (double yum), but I really love it this way also. This would be a nice salad to serve along with quiche at brunch.
    * For the greens, I usually use a blend of baby spinach and baby romaine, but feel free to use what you have or like. 

    I hope you give this a try (or at least something like it). I don’t remember the first time I had fruit fruit on my salad, but I’m so glad I tried it because it my favorite way to eat it now! Need another idea? Try this Figgy Peach Salad! Or this Grapefruit and Mango Salad with Avocado. Or if the idea of fruit on lettuce freaks you out, try this Fresh Fruit Salad.

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    • Bev Weidner

      Yes, yes and YES. this is my kinda salad! Gawgeous.