Open Faced Cranberry White Cheddar and Turkey Skillet Sandwich

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  • This sandwich is very product specific. Have you ever seen cranberry white cheddar cheese before? Neither had I. I was at Whole Foods a week ago getting cheese for some amazing grits, and I stumbled across this.

    I thought I would get my self in the Thanksgiving mood by making a very lazy Thanksgiving-ish sandwich. The cheese is great by itself too. There is just a hint of cranberry flavor and it’s not over powering.
    Open Faced Cranberry White Cheddar and Turkey Skillet Sandwich
    I have been using my cast iron skillet a lot lately. I love that you can easily transfer it from the stove top to the oven. For that reason, I used it for this sandwich.

    Open Faced Cranberry White Cheddar and Turkey Skillet Sandwich
            makes 1
    1 piece whole wheat or whole grain bread
    Light butter
    1 thick slice cranberry white cheddar
    Sliced or shaved turkey breast
    Heat a skillet to medium heat and butter both sides of the bread. When the skillet is hot, place the bread in the skillet and get the cheese and turkey ready.
    Once the bottom of the bread is golden brown, flip it over and add the turkey, then the cheese. Place the skillet in the oven under low broil until the cheese is melty and slightly browning. Remove from oven and serve.
    The underneath side of the bread will be golden brown.
    And the sandwich will be cheesey heaven! This sandwich would also be awesome with leftover Thanksgiving turkey!
    Mmmmmm. I love lazy Thanksgiving-ish sandwiches!
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    • Kelly | Eat Yourself Skinny

      Oh how delicious, this looks amazing!

    • Kiri W.

      Oooh, look at it melt and ooze :) looks like a sandwich from heaven!

    • Tina

      Nothing like finding special unique goodies like this at the grocers. I will keep this in mind for my turkey leftovers, perfect pick. Thanks for sharing and improving my sandwiches!

    • carolinaheartstrings

      Wow does that look fantastic. I would love this cheese. Going to Whole Foods now! Come visit us. We have a terrific mulled cider, legacy cookbook and a great book review today.

    • Stephanie @ Eat. Drink. Love.

      Cranberry cheddar cheese?! I want this in my belly right now!

    • Liz @ Southern Charm

      OH. WOW.

      I want this now. Love the type of cheese too!

    • Kim Bee

      Wowsers, I am keeping an eye out for this cheese. Great find. Wonderful sandwich, just want to reach in and snag it.

    • Ann

      Okay – that’s just plain ol’ delicious! I love a good sandwich or panini and this is terrific! Buzzed!

    • Renee

      Cranberry cheese? That looks great!
      I passed on a blog award to you here:

    • Curt

      Oh man, that looks so perfect. It’s amazing how you can get hungry just looking at a picture of delicious food!

      I think it’s all that melted cheese! :)