Fruity Pebble Lollipop Treats

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  • With Valentine’s Day less than a week away, I thought I would share one of my favorite treats with you. Ok, don’t judge me, but it only has 3 ingredients. And, oh yeah, it doesn’t involve cooking. Or baking. {Unless you count the microwave}.

    Fruity Pebble Lollipop Treats

    You’re probably thinking, “Ok, so if it doesn’t involve cooking or baking, is it really blog worthy?” Well, you don’t do any cooking or baking to make truffles, but those still ROCK! Sometimes less is more. Or whatever.

    I have made a big pan of these several times and I’ve even made them into little heart lollipops once for my friend’s engagement party. They are so easy and fun. You could use any cookie cutter shape you like.

    If you have made Rice Krispies treats, these are just like that except with Fruity Pebbles. I actually use the Fruity Dyno Bites, Malt-O-Meal’s brand most of the time. Either will be fine.
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    Fruity Pebble Lollipop Treats
          makes 11 large hearts, with extra scraps
    6 C fruity cereal
    1/4 C butter
    10oz bag marshmallows

    Pour the marshmallows and butter in a large bowl. Microwave for a few minutes, stirring every minute or so, until everything is melted and incorporated. Add the cereal to the marshmallow mixture and stir everything together.

    Spray a 9X13 baking dish with non-stick spray. Pour the cereal mixture into the bowl and even out with spoon. Cover with a piece of wax paper or plastic wrap and flatten with your hands. If you are simply cutting these into squares, wait until cooled and cut.

    If you are cutting out with a cookie cutter, place in the fridge for about 30 minutes. This will help the treats to cool and harden up a bit, making them easier to cut out.

    Starting out in one corner of the dish, use the heart cutter and cut out your first treat. Flip the cookie cutter upside down and place it as close to the first heart as you can, so you can have as many hearts as possible. {Save the scraps for yourself. Err, I mean for “the kids.”} 
    Once all the hearth hace been cut out, stick a lollipop stick in the bottom of each one, put in treat bag, and secure with tie. {Thanks, Hobby Lobby!}

     By the way, don’t just save these treats for Vaentine’s Day. I know someone who has a birthday coming up {ahem, me!} and that someone LOVES cereal treats!

    Also, I don’t tell you this enough, but I love you. Yes, you. All my readers. You guys are the best!

    I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s! xoxo
    • Lisa ~ The SweetTalk Shop

      What a colorful yummy idea!!! Love it!!

    • Marina

      I love those treats! How cute. I don’t have microwave oven, I guess 20-25 minutes in the real oven would do it?

    • Macaroni and Cheesecake

      These are so festive & adorable!!:)

    • Nish

      Gorgeous! I ABSOLUTELY love this! I want to try this out now :) Following you! x

    • Liz @ Southern Charm

      Love!! Such a fun, yet simple idea!

    • Carrie

      I want to make these for my son’s preschool class! So freaking cute!

    • Amalia

      These are great! I love Fruity Pebbles, I could probably eat a whole box in one sitting :) These are so cute for Valentine’s Day, or any day really, just change the cutter! Great idea, I definitely want to give these a try! Hope you have a fabulous week!

    • Food Marriage

      This is a great idea! I am definitely going to try this out tonight! (My husband got excited when I walked into the house with a box of Fruity Pebbles). I’ve never thought of making Rice Krispie treats with anything other than plain old Rice Krispies! They look so fun and colorful!