Super Bowl Food and Snack Round Up

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  • The 46th Super Bowl is just a few days away and if you are like me, you are scowering the internet looking for the perfect game day recipe. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do love football, but I also really love to eat. So, from now until kick off I will be focused on what’s cookin’, so that at 6:30 Eastern time I can be focused on the game.

    I roped together my top 21 game day recipes including dips, desserts, snacks and even a few healthy options.

    We are going to start with dessert first because you’re allowed to do that on Super Bowl Sunday!
    Football Whoopie Pies -These cuties need no introduction. They are cute and fun and you can use your teams colors for the frosting. 
    Homemade Samoa Bars– Now you can make your own version of a Girl Scout Cookie favorite! 
    Black Walnut Dark Chocolate Toffee Blondies– Don’t let the long name scare you, these are so easy to make and they are excellent!
    Chewy Nutter Butter Bars– Swap the candy corn for M&M’s in your teams colors! These chewy peanut buttery bars will be a crowd favorite!
    Butterfinger Popcorn– Whip up a batch of this addicting popcorn for easy snacking through out the game. Don’t like Butterfingers? Use your favorite candy bar. Snickers or Heath would also be awesome! 
    Ok, now that I’ve got you drooling, let’s move on to dips! 
    Man Dip-Husband Approved Cheese Dip– This cheesey dip is full of chunky chicken and is fully dude approved!

    Buffalo Chicken Dip– This classic dip is a crowd favorite all around! It’s spicy, it’s cheesy, it’s and going…going …gone! 
    Guacamole– This classic guacamole dip will pair great with any other tex-mex menu items you have going on, or would just be a good snack to pass around during the game.
    3 Ingredient Hot Sausage Dip– This dip is so easy to make and very filling! This is another one of those “husband approved dips,” he didn’t even know I used turkey sausage! 
    Creamy BBQ Chicken Dip– This is the BBQ version of the classic buffalo chicken dip. Use your favorite BBQ sauce or use a spicy one to kick it up a notch!
    I’m so glad you’re sticking with me because now we’re getting into the good stuff. The stuff with substance. The stuff your friends will remember! Let’s just call this category “snacks and main dishes.” You’re gonna have to loosen another notch in your belt for what’s coming up next!
    Carne Asada Fries– Now you can have the San Diego classic in your very own home. Use homemade fries or store bought, but either way…….make this on Sunday! 
    Southwestern Egg Rolls with Jalapeño Ranch– Don’t have a deep fryer? Don’t worry. I didn’t use one either. Egg rolls are easy to make and these will be unforgetable!
    Sausage Cheese Squares– You think that 3 ingredient sausage dip looks good? {Me too!} Well, this is that dip in yummy crescent roll dough. And by the way, this recipe only has 4 ingredients! 
    Chris’ Mexi Sliders– These little baby burgers are husband made and husband approved. He used venison but beef would also be great. 
    Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Pockets-Are you seeing a trend? I do love a good “buffalo” snack. It’s your favorite dip wrapped up in crescent dough!
    Cajun Boiled Peanuts– This southern treat is awesome. These ain’t no gas station peanuts either. Use your faorite blend of spices or just simply get a little spice jar of cajun seasoning, and boil em’ up right nice! 
    Fried Bocconcici Balls– These are just as delicious as mozzarella cheese sticks, only so much cuter! 
    Buffalo Pretzels– 5 ingredient snack? Yes please!
    Here are a few things from my Healthy Kitchen tab. Now you can snack along with everyone else and not feel guilty about it!
    Healthy Seven Layer Mexi Dip-A healthy spin on a classic dip This would also be yummy wrapped up in tortillas!
    Lightened Up Guacamole– This lightened up recipe is just as delicious and the origional. Just replace one of the avocados with a can of cannellini beans. Less fat, more fiber, still delicious!

    Healthy Spinach Yogurt Dip– Don’t let the yogurt scare you. Greek yogurt is a great way to streach a recipe with out adding a bunch of fat. Plus is bumps up the protein!
    So there you have it! My 2012 Super Bowl foodie round up. Hope you enjoy these recipes and I hope YOUR team wins! 😉
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      You weren’t lying when you said sticking around for the good stuff!

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      With this food everyone is a winner!

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      Nice! Everything looks so good. Wish I could watch the game with you to eat all of your food! :)

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      Holy cow! I think I’m in heaven! I’m drooling over all of these amazing dishes! All the desserts look out-of-this-world good, and the dips I could devour and the main course foods just look absolutely delicious! I want to come over to your house for Superbowl :)