Cinco de Mayo Recipe Round Up

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  • This might be one of my favorite posts ever because we are talking about my favorite overall “food group,” Mexican food!! I thought I would wrangle up my favorite dishes for this festive holiday in hopes to bring the fiesta to your taste buds!

    I’ve got main courses, dips, appetizers, vegetarian dishes, healthy and lightened up favorites, and just plain indulgent nonsense! {Ahem, Simon Cowell}

     If you are a pasta person AND you love queso blanco {white cheese}, this dish is for you! This dish takes a tub of hot queso blanco and, smothers it over beautifully grilled corn, delicious and smokey chipotle peppers, diced green chilies….yeah, you want to make this!
    This man dip ain’t no girly, runny queso. No, it’s chunky, protein packed, husband approved, meaty heaven! And it’s easy! It has chunks of chicken and black beans to make it more “healthy,” but don’t worry, you won’t even be thinking about that while you stuff your face with this glorious dip!
    I combine fresh avocados, red onion, garlic, tomatoes, lime juice and an easy spice mix to make the most fresh tasting guac you will ever eat! Mmmm, gotta love those good fats!
    This San Diego treat is nothing short of a foodie miracle! The flavors in my Mojo Marinade makes the flank steak dance on your tongue and who doesn’t love homemade fries? Don’t like healthy looking stuff on top of your carne asada? No worries. It’s delicious with just the meat and cheese! {Can you guess which plate was mine and which was my husbands? Ha!}
    Ok, time for a healthy dish! {Hold on, let me wipe the cheese off the side of my mouth!} This dip is loaded with fiber and protein. It’s loaded with delicious veggies and low in fat. Everything in here is fresh, fresh, fresh! It will make you want to have a fiesta! Arriba!
    These egg rolls are insanely good! They are stuffed with chicken, corn, black beans, green chilies, and cheese. Make the jalapeño ranch for the perfect dipper, or use your favorite mexi dip to dunk these bad boys in!
    These healthy burgers are so smokey and flavorful! If you don’t have a grill, don’t worry. I actually made these inside, in a skillet. The melted provolone over the top of them and the chilies make this healthy little dish seem like it was slow cooked all day!
    These breakfast quesadillas are stuffed with leftover carne asada. Steak for breakfast? This one’s husband approved too! Quick and easy is exactly what your morning needs….and that’s what this dish is. Healthy and scrumptious; it’s the whole enchilada! {Pun intended!}
    This dish is as easy as cook the meat, layer on the goodies and bake! Easy, cheesy, it can’t be beat. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a meal with a bag of chips crammed in it!
    This lightened up version of my guacamole replaces one of the avocados with a can of cannellini beans. It adds protein and fiber with out taking away any flavor. Dip fresh veggies in it to lighten up this appetizer even more, or use your favorite chips and feel good about a “half the fat” dip!
    These little treats are my husbands recipe, and they are goo-oood!  He used venison, but beef or turkey would also be excellent. He made a yummy onion and pepper topping, plenty of fajita and Cajun seasoning, and different cheeses. These bay burgers were a huge hit at our cookout and they would be great for Cinco De Mayo!
    Slow Cooker Southwestern Stuffed Peppers

    These stuffed peppers are so tasty, you won’t even miss the meat! Black beans, corn, rice, green chilies, cheese, salsa….do I have you drooling yet? This dish isn’t just for vegetarians, but I’m sure y’all would love it too! Slow cooked anything, yes please!

    So, what do ya think? Think one of these dozen munchies could grace your Cinco De Mayo table? Yeah, i thought so! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!!

    And lots of good eating!

    • Cassie/Bake Your Day

      All of these look sooo good. Now I’m craving Mexican food!

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      These look soo good!

    • Carrie’s Experimental Kitchen

      What a great roundup! Can’t wait to try the Southwestern Egg Rolls.

    • Lizzy

      I should NOT be perusing your blog at 9 PM…I am suddenly starving after looking at all your fabulous Cinco de Mayo recipes! YUM!

    • Patricia @ ButterYum

      I could totally go for a taste of each and every one of these yummy dishes right about now.

    • Macaroni and Cheesecake

      What a great roundup! That pasta at the top looks to die for!! I am definitely going to try that soon!!