Cowboy or Cowgirl?

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  • Yesterday was one of the most fun days of our lives. We got to find out the gender of our sweet little baby!! Chris and I wanted to have something fun to share with our friends and family that are far away. I thought y’all might enjoy it too! It’s a……

    We could not be more excited about our happy news! So what did we do? A photo shoot! 

    Through all the excitement of taking calls and texts from family members after we emailed them the video, we were chasing day light to get a few more pictures in! Can you tell we’re thrilled?!

    The best part of the night was after everything had calmed down and we were getting ready for bed, she wiggled around and let me feel her for the first time! It’s like she knew all of the commotion of the day was about her. What a wonderful feeling! And she must have know how happy her little movement made me because after that she would not hold still! Yeah, I’m sure you can imagine how much sleep I got after that. :) 
    We feel so blessed and excited during this time in our lives and can’t wait to meet our little Cowgirl! 
    We love you, Baby GIRL Hann!! XOXO
    • Jessica@AKitchenAddiction

      Yay for a little girl! :) You look great!

    • Molly

      Yay for a baby girl! You are still so tiny! Congrats:-) I can’t wait to hear the name yall decide on!

      ps love the balloon reveal!

    • Liz Ford

      YAYYYY!!! I mean, I think I’d say yay whether a girl or a boy – so excited for y’all!!!

    • Julie Evink

      Congrats! Little girls are soooo much fun. Hard to believe mine is almost two months old already. You will have so much fun. Enjoy!

    • Rachel

      Love it!! Yay for baby girls! So excited for you guys! :) What a great video to share with family and friends. :)

    • Alice

      gosh! i’m all teary-eyed after watching your video and i don’t even really know you – haha! just your cookin! congratulations on your baby girl – what a wonderful treat you are in for – what a blessing!

    • Sara

      Y’all are way too cute! That’s probably the sweetest way I’ve seen a gender reveal. Congrats on the baby girl! Cannot wait to follow the rest of your journey.

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    • Carolina HeartStrings

      That was awesome. Congratulations!


      Awww! Congratulations!!! :)




    • Jocelyn

      Congratulations on the sweet girl!!!! You are going to have so much fun shopping for her:-)

    • Macaroni and Cheesecake

      Congratulations!!!! What a cute way to announce it too!

    • Carrie Burrill

      Congrats!!!! Boys are fun…. but girls… WAY more fun to dress up! Have fun shopping… I went a little crazy on the pink when we found out.