Owl Love You Forever Cookies

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  • It’s almost Valentine’s Day so I thought I would give you one more fun “recipe” to make. These Valentine’s Day owl cookies are easy to put together and fun to make! Grab the kiddos or a friend and make a batch of these for your sweetie!

    Owl Love You Forever Cookies
    Lay everything out to admire the sugar coma you are about to fall into. Yes, candy corn and red hots are “ingredients” today.
    For your owl heads, you can use packaged sugar cookies to make things really easy on yourself or you could make your own. This time, I bought chewy ginger cookies from the store. I also had some of my strawberry cake mix cookies leftover and thought the pink color would be perfect for Valentine’s Day!
    Owl Love You Forever Cookies
        adapted from my Owl-O-Ween cookies
    Sugar Cookies {or chewy ginger cookies, or strawberry cake mix cookies}
    Chocolate Berry Burst Ice Cream Oreos
    Vanilla frosting
    Pink and red candy corn
    Red Hots

    Frost the back side of the cookies with frosting. Twist the Oreos apart and place the cookie part down, cream side up for the large part of the eye. For the small part of the eye, place a dab of frosting on a Red Hot and place in desired spot. With the remaining side of the Oreos, cut them in half and use for the eye brows. Lastly, place the candy corn on the face for the nose.

    The fun thing about these “love birds” is that you can use several variations of candy and cookies to make them unique. For this little guy, I flipped the Oreos around so the eye brows were pink and I used a Hot Tamale for the nose.
    What would you change about these Love Birds?
    Here are some other ideas for variations: red, pink or white M&M’s, Hot Tamales, Golden Oreos.

    I have more Valentine’s Day ideas on my holiday page. I’ve got some easy treat ideas on there that are fun to make with the kiddos or alone. One last thing.

    Any Pinterest lovers out there? Good, me too! Come follow my Valentine’s Day Pinterest board for more fun ideas!

    Proud momma pics, coming up. Tinsley was such a sweet heart when I was putting these cookies together. She’s smiling a LOT now and as long as I had my camera around my neck, I just had to catch a few of them for you. Is that not the sweetest smile you’ve ever seen? {She’s even cute when she gets mad.}

    Happy Valentine’s Day from Cookin’ Cowgirl and Tinsley! XOXO
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      These are soooo cute! My little boys teacher has her whole room decorated in owl decor. These will be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her. Love the baby pictures too. So cute! Have a Happy Valentine’s Day! Traci, BurntApple.com