Tinsley Harper’s 3 Month Photos

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  • I was SO excited to get Tinsley’s 3 month pictures back for several reasons. First off, hello, she’s adorable! I can’t believe how much she has already changed! In her new born pictures, she was so sleepy and squishy and easy to move around. At 3 months, she is, well, super wiggly! ha
    I really LOVE my photographer, Kendra. We were texting back and forth the day before Tinsley’s photo shoot, discussing outfits, props and 3 month photo ideas. Then we started getting super honest with each other. She said 3 months is the hardest to shoot because babes can’t sit up yet but they squiggle a lot and won’t just lay there like new borns do. Then I started being honest with and expressed my concerns with her about how Tins is, uh, “needy” and how she is basically addicted to her mama. Oh dear.

    Still waiting for me to tell you why I was SO excited to get the pics back? Because her shoot went great! Kendra is so patient and sweet with widdle babies and she’s so go-with-the-flow that even when Tins did get cranky, Kendra just switched things up and moved right along. If you haven’t checked out KJane Designs, please do! She’s amazing!!
    {Also, give her some Facebook love by “liking” her page HERE. Tell her I sent ya! Thanks!}

    Ready to see them? Ok, here we go.

    I love this pic of her sweet little toes!
    Tinsley has a funny expression that Chris and I like to call her “concerned look.” This is one of them.
    But just when you think something’s wrong….she flashes one of these perfect little smiles! Melty!
    And when she did start to get a little cranky, and needed some “mommy time,” Kendra took a few pictures of the two of us. Is it bad that these are my favorite? I’m SO excited to have these pictures with her!
    Tinsley would not stay still in the huge purple egg I brought, but we did get a few Eastery ones with these little eggs. :)
    I found this fancy little head band and kind of love the way it made her eyes pop! It was a must purchase.
    And last but certainly not least, we did some KU pictures. I love how these turned out with the red and blue! {Plus I love her little Kansas head band}. These are some of my favorites, and of course my KU fan hubby loves these ones! And for all you OSU fans out there, don’t worry, we will have to have an OSU photo shoot soon, but let’s be honest, she would only stay happy for so many outfit changes!
    ┬áLove our little baby jayhawk! :) Actually, she’s been making these crazy noises that sound a bit like a pterodactyl lately, so one of her many nick names is “jay squawk!”
    Thanks for letting me brag a little about my sweet heart! Her daddy and I are so in love, it’s hard not to.
    Don’t forget to check out KJane Designs!!! She would love to hear from you!
    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15478368031147549821 Becca @ Amuse Your Bouche

      She’s adorable! That smile…!

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/02522468346888488964 Melissa

      OMG I’m totally dying. I can’t take it. Too darn cute!!

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/18142552181979244058 ilene

      Just beautiful!