Roasted Garlic Sharp Cheddar Grits

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  • Okay, so in my last post I showed you how easy it is to roast garlic. In this recipe, I use a whole dang head of roasted garlic. These cheesy grits aren’t messin’ around! You see, Hunter Hann just got a Traeger smoker and the first time he fired it up he decided to make this amazing pork butt and rack of ribs.

    Oh great. How was I supposed to compete with THAT? Oh, here’s how. Ba-BAM!

    Roasted Garlic Sharp Cheddar Grits
    Roasted Garlic Sharp Cheddar Grits
          serves 4
    3 C low sodium chicken stock
    1 C fat free half-and-half, or milk
    1 head of roasted garlic cloves
    1/4 tsp salt, optional
    1 C quick cooking grits
    4 oz sharp cheddar, grated

    Bring chicken stock and half-and-half to a boil. Mean while, puree the roasted garlic cloves until creamy. Use a tablespoon or so of the liquid if necessary.

    Slowly whisk the grits, salt and garlic into the boiling liquid. Reduce heat to medium and keep whisking the grits until they have soaked up the liquid, about 5 minutes or so. Once grits are cooked, stir in grated cheese and combine until everything is creamy.
    Scoop up a big ‘ol bowl.

    Top with extra cheese and serve warm.
    Yeah, that was one great meal! Don’t worry, we had veggies too! {And ice cream. Oops!}