Stars and Stripes Fruit Tray

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  • For all you candy lovers out there, I’ve already given you the naughty, indulgent version of this dish. {Pssst, it’s pretty good too!}

    But now that it’s bikini season, I thought I would make a healthy, “skinny” version of our great red, white & blue flag! And the best thing about it is there is no cooking involved. You’re welcome.
    Stars and Stripes Fruit Tray
     {made with strawberries}
    {made with raspberries}
    I’ve seen several fancy fruit trays but I was really excited to make this one for two reasons. Those two reasons are the star fruit and the golden raspberries. 
    I love unique fruit and these two are so great! The “golden” raspberries, or white raspberries, are a fun way to use fresh fruit for the white part of the flag instead of marshmallows or pound cake or something like that. Not that there’s anything wrong with marshmallows or cake! 
    My family and I used to live in Brazil and one of the fruits I fell in love with there is the star fruit or carambola. This fruit is a little sweet and tart and so fresh. When you cut this crazy fruit cross wise, it makes the shape of a star. The entire thing, including the skin, is edible, so just wash it up, slice and eat. 
    Stars and Stripes Fruit Tray
    Golden raspberries
    Raspberries or strawberries, cut in half
    Star fruit
    Wash fruit. Line up the red (either the raspberries or strawberries, or both) and white fruit, leaving a space for the blueberries. 
    Pile on the blueberries,
    layer on a few sliced star fruit,
    and serve or cover and chill until ready to serve. 
    Hey, entertaining doesn’t always have to be hard! If you’re looking for a healthy option this 4th of July, do yourself a favor and make this fresh fruit platter. And why not get the kids involved? No cooking over a hot stove and it’s quick to put together. Yes please. 
    For other 4th of July ideas and recipes, check out my holiday page. And have a great Independence Day!