Cinnamon Sugar Puppy Chow

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  • I thought I would squeak out one more little post before the new year. So let’s make it a good one, shall we? I know I have been posting a lot of snacky things lately because, well that’s what I’ve been eating. Anyone see a healthy New Years resolution in my future?! Hmmmm, we’ll worry about that tomorrow.  I thought you needed one more recipe before the end of the year that included my two favorite things…. cereal and peanut butter!

    Cinnamon Sugar Puppy Chow
    If you can’t eat very much of the traditional puppy chow snack because it’s too sweet, I’ve got the perfectly addicting combination to solve that problem. The cinnamon in this treat really cuts the sweet, plus the addition of the granulated sugar adds a great texture. The rich peanut butter flavor is still there and the powdered sugar is reduced. Plus, have you ever used cinnamon chips? They are pretty awesome! You can find them in the baking isle with the chocolate chips.
    I have made this stuff 4 times in the last couple weeks, and I cannot stay out of it! If you are a cinnamon lover like I am, you have got to try this stuff!
    Cinnamon Sugar Puppy Chow
         makes 18 servings
    9 C Crispex cereal
    1 1/2 C cinnamon chips
    4 T butter
    1/2 C creamy peanut butter
    1 1/2 tsp cinnamon
    4 T granulated sugar
    1/2 C powdered sugar
    *You will make the first part of this recipe in 1 batch and the second part in 2 batches. Believe me, it’s much easier this way!
    Pour all cereal in a large bowl. Get out 2 large zip-lock bags and put 3/4 tsp of ground cinnamon and 2 T of granulated sugar in each one. In a microwave safe bowl, pour in your cinnamon chips, butter and peanut butter and microwave for 20 second increments, stirring in between, until everything is melted and smooth. Be careful not to scorch the mixture. Pour mixture over cereal and gently stir until each piece of cereal is evenly coated. Pour 1/2 the mixture into one zip-lock bag and the half in the other. Seal and shake each bag. Pour 1/4 C powdered sugar in each bag and shake again until cereal is evenly coated. Add more powdered sugar if desired. Serve.
    Keep leftovers covered so it stays fresh. But good luck staying out of it!
    So how was the end of everyone’s year? I think it’s safe to say 2013 was the best year of my life! God has blessed me and my family so much and I feel so lucky to have a healthy and happy husband and baby girl. We had a fantastic Christmas and our little Tinsley started walking! I can’t wait to see how things are going to change over the next few months and I’m so excited for this next chapter of being a mommy of a…. toddler! Yikes!
    I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! And from my family to yours, Happy New Years!
    xoxo Cookin’ Cowgirl