Scandal Wine Glasses – ON SALE

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  • Are you a Scandal fan? As in the TV show that airs on ABC? Well, Gladiators get ready for this!

    The famous wine glass that Kerry Washington is seen using multiple times on every episode is ON SALE now at Crate&Barrel.

    *Update – This sale ended April, 10th.*

    For someone who has not seen the show, this may not seem like a big deal. But oh, is it ever. I have seen these long stemmed beauties in person and they are so lovely and delicate! I’ve been looking for some new stem wear for a while and these are exactly what I was looking for. I wanted something with a lovely bowl shape and something with a very long stem.
    These glasses are part of the Camille collection at Crate&Barrel. They normally retail for $14.95 but they are on sale now for $11.96. (And I actually saw an article for the same glasses sold last fall for $12.95. So they have increased their base price $2 over the past few months. Supply and demand, you know). I don’t know how long this sale lasts, but I’m sure it’s not more than a few days.
    ***These red glasses are on back order, but you can still order them for the sale price and they will ship them to you when they are available. And BETTER STILL, if you live near a store, have them shipped there for free and pick them up. Even more money saved!
    The red wine glass holds 23oz and the white wine glass holds 13oz. And they are seriously beautiful!

    Get the “Olivia Pope wine glasses” now! Cheers!

    • Caitlyn Bell

      I would like to thanks for sharing this great offer of glasses. I’m planning a small cocktail party and these glasses perfect for my party.
      Souce: Alibi Stemware

      • Cookin’ Cowgirl

        Awesome! I already got mine in and I have used them like 3 times in a week, yikes! Haha
        From what I can tell, the deal ends on April 10th so if you haven’t ordered yet you better hurry! 😉