Jack and Jerky Bouquet

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  • I’m so excited to be able to share fun DIY project with you. If you’ve ever tried to make a little bouquet using liquor bottles, it can be challenging. Once the bottles are taped or glued to the sticks, they become top heavy and turn around on you. Grrrr. Sometimes DIY projects look SO easy in a picture, but once I start them, I kinda want to pull my hair out. I’ve got a few tricks to help those pesky little bottles stay put. No hair pulling on this project! Promise.

    This “Jack and Jerky” bouquet consists of a jar of my homemade Whiskey Praline Pecans, some beef jerky steak sticks, and two different kinds of Jack Daniels bottles. You could do this with any kind of small bottles you like.

    I made this for Hunter Hann and surprised him with it. He was so excited about it that he took a picture of it and texted it to a few of his friends. He said something like, “My wife is so awesome. She gets me!” To which a friend of his replied, “Apparently your wife gets me too!”

    So yeah, it’s safe to say that this would be a fun gift for just about any dude. Switch up the treats or the booze to customize it to your man’s liking.

    DIY Jack & Jerky Bouquet
    – Basket or bucket
    – Dry craft foam to put sticks in {usually in floral/vase department}
    – Paper filler
    – Small Jack Daniels or other liquor bottles
    – Beef steak or beef jerky sticks
    – Skinny, flat popsicle craft sticks, {5 3/8 x 7/32 x 1/16 in}
    – Decorative paper straws
    – Mason jar(s) for your Jack Daniels Pecans
    – Hot glue gun and glue
    – Ribbon or burlap to decorate {optional}

    Gather up all of your goodies and fill jars with pecans or other treats. Fill basket with craft foam and arrange jars where you want them.

    Squeeze hot glue on a straw, about one long and place on the back of one of the Jack bottles. Repeat with remaining bottles. Let dry completely. Put a craft stick inside straw and them arrange them by gently pushing the sticks in craft foam. These sticks will insure that the straws and bottles won’t turn.

    Repeat with beef sticks, but after you squeeze the glue on the straws, let it cool for a few seconds before placing on the wrapper so it does not melt the plastic.

    Press the straw down into the grooves of the packaging to make sure it stays put.

    Place craft sticks in the end of straws and arrange in foam behind the jack bottles. Double check placement of everything before adding paper filler.

    Fill top of basket with paper filler. Add extra bottles or goodies to the base of basket. Add decorative ribbon or burlap bows to the outside.

    I love the look of the cute little straws. Use team colors or other favorite colors to further customize this gift.

    “Hey Ladies!” This could be a fun bachelorette party idea too!! Use mini bottles or champagne or whatever the bride likes. And for the snack, make a batch of my easy “Tie the Knot” party mix! It has Tiffany blue pretzels and would be adorable all wrapped up!

    Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, birthday, Father’s Day, Christmas, Graduation, 21st birthday, whatever, this is the perfect gift.