Moscow Mojito or Mojito Mule

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  • I was recently contacted by Loverly, a fun website that offers wedding planning ideas and inspiration, and asked to create a signature cocktail for upcoming fall weddings. And since tomorrow is the first day of fall, I thought today would be the prefect day to share it with you. For this fun little cocktail recipe I’ve combined two of my favorite things, the mojito {pause for dramatic effect}, and…… the copper mug.

    You thought I was going to say a Moscow mule, didn’t you.

    Moscow Mojito

    Well, that too. This recipe IS a cross between a classic mojito and a Moscow mule. It has to best of both. It has my favorite part of a mojito, the fresh mint. It’s loaded with lime juice, like in both cocktail recipes. I swapped the classic club soda in a mojito for the ginger been of the Moscow mule. One calls for clear rum and the other calls for vodka but since Hunter Hann doesn’t like vodka, I went with clear rum.

    Moscow Mojito Mojito Mule

    I picked up some Fever Tree naturally light ginger beer at World Market which cut the calories down because as we all know, cocktails can be a diet buster! Not this one. This little ditty is light and refreshing. It is naturally sweet because of the ginger beer, but feel free to add a little simple syrup or sweetener of your choice if you like. I should also point out that ginger beer contains no alcohol, for those that don’t know that. So, in this cocktail it serves as a flavored spritzer.

    Moscow Mule cheap copper mugs

    Also, I have to hand it to Target. I’ve been looking for reasonable copper mugs for a looooooong time. Normally they will run you anywhere from $25-$40 each! Uh, yikes. These Threshold brand copper mugs from Target are under $10 each! Now that I can handle. I’m not sure why this great buy isn’t on their website, but I snagged these cheap babies in the store about 2 weeks ago, and they still had some yesterday. 

    Moscow Mule

    If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you know that on Monday mornings I usually post some ridiculous picture of me holding a mug for a little photo series called “Mug Shot Monday.” Well, this Monday’s ceramic coffee mug got switched for a little copper one. And I’ll never tell if there’s coffee or a cocktail in this one.

    Copper mug shot Cookin' Cowgirl

    Also, I’m wearing a new necklace from my Boots & Arrows jewelry line. I CANNOT get enough of the rose gold jewelry, especially for fall. It’s so pretty and goes with everything. This is my absolute favorite combination. It’s the vertical bar necklace with the Roman numeral date, a small charm with my and my husbands initials, and a tiny charm with a little heart. It makes a lovely wedding or anniversary gift and can be found here.

    wedding date necklace rose gold bar necklace

    This drink is a great transition into fall because while the mint kind of reminds me of spring, I think the ginger gives it a fall flare…..without adding pumpkin spice. ha. This drink can of course be served in a tumbler or other cocktail glass, but the copper mug is kind of my favorite part.

    Moscow Mojito or Mojito Mule

    Serving Size: 2 cocktails

    Moscow Mojito or Mojito Mule

    This light and refreshing cocktail is a beautiful blend between the classic mojito and the Moscow mule.


    • 10-12 fresh mint leaves
    • 3 oz fresh lime juice
    • 3 oz clear rum
    • 12 oz ginger beer
    • Ice
    • Lime wedges for garnish
    • Optional {simple syrup or sweetener of choice}


    1. In a prep glass, muddle mint with lime juice. Divide between two chilled copper mugs or glasses.
    2. Fill glasses with ice. Add rum and ginger been and stir.
    3. Top with additional mint and lime wedge for garnish. Serve

    Did you have a signature cocktail at your wedding? If you have a wedding coming up and need some cocktail inspiration, check out Loverly’s Pinterest. They have so many fun ideas!