My Beautiful Family

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  • How did He choose me? Why am I so lucky? How did God decide that I get to be Chris’ wife? That I get to be Tinsley Harper’s mom? Why am I so blessed?DSC_1879

    Well, let me back up. I’m doing something I’ve never done before. I’m editing photos and writing this post at the same time. I’m flipping back and forth between screens. Photos to blog. Blog to photos. DSC_1335

    Because as I started looking through these ridiculous photos (all 723 of them!), there were like 8 good ones in my opinion. TOTAL! And only 1 perfect one.DSC_1331

    Does that ever happen to you? You get all ready. Make sure everyone’s outfits are matching. Make sure your hair (that you don’t particularly care for) looks good. DSC_1286

    And then reality sets in. It’s drizzling. My eyes are watering because of the Kansas wind. She’s not looking at the camera. His eyes are shut. In Every.Dang.Picture. She’s not looking at the camera. Oh, did I already say that?

    But then I look at these photos. And now I know where Tinsley got that little squinty grin from. From me, her momma. And from Chris, her daddy. How did I not know that BOTH of us did that? We scrunch up our noses when we smile really big?? DSC_1510

    I was sad when she started getting teeth. How I would miss that adorable little gummy smile. But why was I sad? Have you EVER seen such cute tiny little teeth in your whole life? DSC_1556

    And so what if I have to tickle Tinsley to get her to laugh in a picture? DSC_1769DSC_1770

    Or hand her a “distraction” so she doesn’t run away? Exhibit A. DSC_1472

    Exhibit B.DSC_1403-001

    Exhibit C. DSC_1424You get the point.

    I get too wrapped up in the little details of taking pictures. Normally. But not this time. My sister was in town and I kindly asked forced her to take pictures of us because we were going to a pumpkin patch. How much fun we had. No agenda. No expectations. I just wanted us to have fun. And we did! We had caramel apples, apple cider donuts, and warm apple cider.

    We saw a teepee. Photo op!DSC_1284

    Oh look, some goats! Photo op.DSC_1676


     Daddy holding still, looking at Tins? Talk about melt my heart. Major photo op!DSC_1709Like I said, I feel so lucky. I pause from our busy little life and take time to enjoy these photos. To soak up the feel-good and let go of the negative. I’m so blessed to be Tinsley’s mom. DSC_1430
     Because she’s my world. DSC_1597DSC_1608
    And on Sunday, I will have been married to this man for 6 years. He’s my best friend and my heart.  DSC_1870
    How proud I am of this perfectly, imperfect life! And of my beautiful family.
    And a HUGE THANK YOU to my sister, Jen, for taking these pictures for us! I love you!
    DSC_1362So are you still waiting on that 1 perfect picture? Well thanks for indulging me. And the goats. And the corn field. And the pumpkin patch, teepee, fall photo shoot nonsense. Here it is. DSC_1386-001
     {All photos were taken at Louisburg Cider Mill and at their Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch, Louisburg, KS}
    • TheClosetDime

      All of these photos are smudgy and blurry… O, wait, that’s because I teared up from the very beginning of the post!! Such a beautiful family God has blessed you with! What makes me smile the most? 25 years from now, you can properly explain to Tinsley why her kids have such scrunchy, picture-perfect smiles. God. Is. Good.

      • Jennifer Munson

        I did the exact same thing, Rach! Major happy tears in my eyes!!! And I was there in the flesh for the real deal! And Steph, I thought all of the pics were perfect. Not because of the photog, but because the subjects are all such mega sweetheart babes!
        Love you all! Give Tins a smooch for me!!!

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