Tinsley Harper’s Big Announcement!

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  • Tinsley has a big announcement!

    She’s so excited to announce that she is going to be a BIG SISTER!

    I know what you’re thinking….”um hello?! You haven’t blogged since February. Now it’s July and BAM! You’re smacking us with the news that you’re knocked up?!” Yikes, sorry about that! Truth is, well, we’ve been busy. Terrible excuse, I know, but it’s true. We’ve been traveling and I’ve been extremely blessed to be so busy with my Boots & Arrows business.

    Believe me! I wanted to tell you weeeeeeeks ago! Basically since the day I found out. I wanted to tell you that our little coconut is due December 1st.

    DSC_0236But I couldn’t. I had to wait and let Tins be a part of the pregnancy announcement and excitement! She is such a sweet heart and she’s going to be the best big sister.


    How’s everything going? Well, this time around is just so different than the last time. This time I keep thinking about everything in terms of Tinsley having a sibling instead of just thinking about having a baby. And while I’m sure that’s probably normal, it’s different. Also, I feel different this time. With Tinsley, I never got sick once. This time, “who wants to come over and hold my hair back?!” DSC_0322

    The only thing that helped in the beginning was EATING a ridiculous amount…..of carbs. Like, ridiculous. What? That pizza had spinach on it!


    But things are better now. I mean, I’m still eating everything in site, but at least now I’m not getting sick. We are 20 weeks along today. Half way there!!! And I’m just trying to enjoy every second I can with these two.

    Before we become #HannPartyOf4 and things get REALLY crazy around here! And hey, maybe this go around I’ll actually finish my pregnancy foodie project! Maybe.


    Tinsley’s Outfit: Big Sister Pink and Gold Arrow Shirt from Baby Smiles Boutique, Pink and Gold Arrow Headband from ItzyBitzyBeauty

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    • melanie

      Thanks for getting back to me! So thrilled to hear the news of your growing family! Tinsley looks excited and ready for her new role. I’m looking forward to your continuing the pregnancy foodie project. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to pick up where you left off! I’ll be checking each week as I’m also excited to welcome our second grandchild in February!

    • TheClosetDime

      O please, o please finish the foodie project! The last round was so fab but I need the entire growing process to finish the book! You’re not allowed to stop having kiddos until it is finished. 😉 Congrats on the new addition to the family!

    • Laura Schmidt

      I need that shirt for my 18 month old!! Where did you get it?? Thanks!! :)

      • http://www.cookincowgirl.com/ Stephanie @ Cookin’ Cowgirl

        Laura, Hi there! I have the information in the post! Thanks :) And congrats on your new bundle!