Crispy Kale Chips

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  • Yum, yum, yum! This recipe is such a fun way to get your greens in. And it’s eeeeeaasy! Crispy Kale Chips It’s hard to believe that something this crispity crunchy could be good for you, but these really are.  Kale


    Carne Asada Skillet Nachos

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  • A few years ago I went to San Diego and had the most amazing carne asada fries at La Puerta. I think my life was changed forever. No really. Don’t believe me? I even came home and recreated the dish,


    Homemade Fruit Leather – In the Oven

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  • Have you ever seen a picture and thought, “I want to make that!” So you click on the link, only to find out that the blogger or chef has some SUPER fancy machine or tool that you would never have


    Now on BlogLovin’!

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  • Just a quick note. I’m now on BlogLovin’! Anyone else out there on BlogLovin’? Post your log in the comments below so I can follow you! Follow my blog with Bloglovin Thanks!


    Scandal Wine Glasses – ON SALE

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  • Are you a Scandal fan? As in the TV show that airs on ABC? Well, Gladiators get ready for this! The famous wine glass that Kerry Washington is seen using multiple times on every episode is ON SALE now at