Pregnancy Foodie Project – Size of Your Baby This Week

I recently announced that we have a Bun in the Oven, and I am so excited to be able to update you on the status of Baby Hann! We can’t wait to meet our little cowgirl and I have loved learning about what baby is up to each week. They change SO much from week to week during pregnancy so I wanted to come up with a way to document each step, from poppy seed to pumpkin.

I started a little project the week we found out we were pregnant {week 4} called the Pregnancy Foodie Project. Each week I research the size of the baby and find out what food it is most similar to. Then I use that as the special ingredient for my next dish. Some of the items have been especially easy and some have been quite challenging! {And how fun for a food blogger?!} So as I continue the wonderful journey of pregnancy, I will update you with new happenings as well as how big Baby Hann is getting. I hope you enjoy the updates as much as I have enjoyed the project!

First Trimester {Fertilization ~ 13 Weeks}

Baby at 4 Weeks, Size of a Poppy Seed

 {Poppy Seed ~ Whole Wheat Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins}

Baby at 5 Weeks, Size of a Sesame Seed

{Sesame Seed ~ Sesame Seed Honey Candy, Pasteli}

Baby at 6 Weeks, Size of a Lentil

{Lentil ~ Bacon, Poblano & Lentil Soup}

Baby at 7 Weeks, Size of a Blueberry

{Blueberry ~ Blueberry Oatmeal Bake}

Baby at 8 Weeks, Size of a Kidney Bean

{Kidney Bean ~ Kidney Bean & Hamburger Pasta}

Baby at 9 Weeks, Size of a Grape

{Grape ~ Triple Grape Chicken Salad}

Baby at 10 Weeks, Size of a Kumquat

{Kumquat ~ Kumquat and Sweet Potato Quinoa}

Baby at 11 Weeks, Size of a Fig

{Fig ~ Fig Crostini with a Honey and Walnut Goat Cheese Spread}

Baby at 12 Weeks, Size of a Lime

{Lime ~ Steak Soft Tacos with Lime-Cilantro Marinade}

Baby at 13 Weeks, Length of a Medium Shrimp

{Shrimp ~ Bang Bang Shrimp}

Second Trimester {14 Weeks ~ 27 Weeks}

Baby at 14 Weeks, Size of a Lemon

{Lemon ~ Lemon Orzo Primavera with Toasted Almonds}

Baby at 15 Weeks , Size of an Apple

{Apple ~ Apple Pie Peanut Butter Oatmeal}

Baby at 16 Weeks, Size of an Avocado

{Avocado ~ Creamy Avocado Pasta}

Baby at 17 Weeks, Size of a Turnip

{Turnip ~ Parmesan Garlic Mashed Turnips}

Baby at 18 Weeks, Size of a Bell Pepper

{Bell Pepper ~ Sausage Rice Casserole Stuffed Peppers}

Baby at 19 Weeks, Size of an Heirloom Tomato

{Heirloom Tomato ~ Quinoa Tabouli with Heirloom Tomatoes}

Baby at 20 Weeks, Length of a Banana

{Banana ~ Banana Hazelnut Bread}

Baby at 21 Weeks, Length of a Carrot

{Carrot ~ Carrot Cake Oatmeal Cream Pies}

Baby at 22 Weeks, Length of a Spaghetti Squash

{Spaghetti Squash ~ Spaghetti Squash and Skillet Meatballs}

Baby at 23 weeks, Weight of a Mango

{Mango ~ Mango Salsa}

Baby at 24 weeks, Length of an Ear of Corn

{Ear of Corn ~ Skillet Corn Bread with Grilled Sweet Corn}

Baby at 25 weeks, Weight/Size of a Rutabaga

{Rutabaga ~ Oven-Baked Rutabaga Fries}

Baby at 26 weeks, Length of an English Hothouse Cucumber

{Cucumber ~ Cucumber Black Bean and Feta Salad}

Baby at 27 weeks, Weight/Size of a Head of Cauliflower

{Head of Cauliflower ~ Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower

Third Trimester {28 Weeks ~ 40 Weeks}
Baby at 28 weeks, Weight/Length of a Chinese Cabbage

{Chinese Cabbage ~ Cabbage Chicken Stir-Fry}

Baby at 29 weeks, Weight/Size of a Butternut Squash

{Butternut Squash ~ Butternut Squash & Wild Mushroom Rotini}

Baby at 30 weeks, Weight/Size of a Large Cabbage Size of baby at 30 weeks - CabbageDSC_0774


{Large Cabbage ~ Hamburger Cabbage Soup


Stay tuned to see what’s coming up next!
Sources: Baby Center

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  • Audrey Armstrong

    i love this! But where are the rest? 😀

    • Stephanie @ Cookin’ Cowgirl

      Audrey, I know, right?! Ugh, life happened, and now my “baby” is 2 1/2, we just announced our second pregnancy, and it’s STILL not done. Looks like I need some time management help, ha. Or just more hours in the day. Anyway, I’m planning on finishing it up this pregnancy….fingers crossed! :)

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  • melanie

    so sweet and congratulations on your little girl! did you continue the photos after week 29?

    • Stephanie @ Cookin’ Cowgirl

      Melanie, I didn’t :( I’m hoping to with this second pregnancy, fingers crossed!

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